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Founded by a former in-house attorney with an intimate understanding of corporate legal department challenges and management’s need to contain legal costs, Cloudburst was designed to bridge those obstacles.  

Scalable. Proactive. Business-focused.      Let Cloudburst amplify results. 

About Us

With many years of in-house expertise, Margo knows firsthand the frustrations of corporate legal departments as well as the pressures facing management.  Cloudburst was founded in 2019 in order to dramatically improve our corporate clients' legal functions, regardless of company size or maturity.  

Cloudburst Counsel was established to provide a broad array of corporate clients scalable, efficient, experienced, and professional resources.  With particular expertise in Technology Transactions, Commercial Contracts, Employee/Independent Contractor matters and Corporate/Entity Formation, Cloudburst is able to provide exceptional legal services while decreasing overall legal spend and improving productivity.

Affording your company with Cloudburst’s fractionalized general or commercial counsel solution offers these tremendous advantages for your company:

    • Converts legal fees from fixed to variable to decrease unnecessary overhead and afford greater flexibility.   Why pay for all of the employment benefits and costs associated with a full-time attorney when you likely can get the same results with less total spend? Pay only for those legal services that you actually utilize.
    • Enhances the agility of your legal function so that you can react nimbly to events such as an acquisition, an increase in products/services offered, seasonal fluctuations, etc.   In this way, you will achieve revenue acceleration and enhance relationships between the legal and external functions (such as sales).
    • Allows your in-house attorneys to focus on core tasks by providing them with much-needed bandwidth via Cloudburst’s on-demand capability.  You may elect to outsource discrete tasks such as risk assessments, template creation/updates, analysis of law, etc. or you simply may need more bandwidth for deal support or other matters.
    • Fills temporary personnel needs caused by medical or pregnancy related leaves of absence, interim general counsel services while a replacement is being hired, assistance during a major investigation or lawsuit, etc.  This decreases burnout rates, minimizes the number of errors made, and increases net productivity.

Legal Services

Whether you are a start-up, a small fast-growth company without existing in-house legal counsel, or an established enterprise with a developed legal department, Cloudburst is here to provide exceptional legal services to achieve your company's commercial goals within the structure of your particular risk profile.

We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations and offer a variety of services and fee arrangements customized to fit your specific needs.  Learn more about what we offer below and on the Practices page.

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Technology Transactions

Employees and Independent Contractors

Commercial Contracts

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Entity Formation/Corporate


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