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Our Legal Practices

When your corporate legal department is functioning at its best, it should be responsive, dynamic, cost-efficient, and knowledgeable about a wide-array of subjects in this increasingly globalized economy. Unfortunately, legal departments are frequently viewed as impediments rather than being aligned with the goal of efficiently closing deals and furthering transactional processes.  Cloudburst is here to assist in optimizing your legal department's productivity and cost-efficiency.

What differentiates Cloudburst is that we take the time to truly understand your business, its products or services, and your particular goals and risk tolerances.  We are experienced and adept at strategic planning.  We will collaborate with you to ensure that your business is being protected from a legal and compliance standpoint, without jeopardizing advancement and innovation.  

​Our goal is to function as a fractionalized general or commercial counsel, so that you are not needlessly spending for traditional legal resources (and the substantial employment benefits and overhead associated with them) which you may not need on a full-time basis.  Dependable, responsive, and business-savvy, we will function as a seamless and valuable partner alongside your business.   Get in touch with us today and find out how we can best assist your company.


Technology Transactions

  • Terms of service​

  • Privacy policies

  • Licensing agreements

  • Cloud services / SaaS agreements

  • Hardware sales agreements

  • Resale / channel / OEM agreements

  • Hardware and software development

  • Professional service agreements

  • Intellectual Property protection

  • Data Security

Commercial Contracts

  • Sales and marketing agreements

  • Professional (or other) services agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  • Reseller agreements

  • Channel sales agreements

  • OEM agreements

  • Inbound and outbound supply agreements

  • Vendor agreements

  • Deal negotiation and support


Independent Contractors

  • Employee handbooks

  • Employment consulting

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Employment agreements


Entity Formations

  • Classification of employees vs independent contractors

  • LLC or corporation formation

  • Board meetings and minutes

  • Bylaws and operating agreements

Practices: Practices
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